Friday, 4 June 2010

New Deputy Leader of UKIP appointed

Lord Pearson has announced that UKIP will now have two Deputy Leaders. Apart from David Campbell Bannerman, who remains in charge of policy, Lord Monckton (who, as Christopher Monckton was adviser to Margaret Thatcher) will also be Deputy Leader. Lord Monckton is a specialist on climate change and a fearless foe of man-made global warming fanatics.


  1. The appointment of Viscount Monckton as Energy and Climate change spokesman for UKIP was a mistake and his appointment as a deputy Leader is an even worse error of judgement.

    Climate science is both in its infancy and incredibly complex. Political parties are ill equipped to become involved in matters of fundamental science and Lord Monckton has no formal qualifications at all in this area. The UKIP Energy Policy paper and Manifesto were correct to call for an expanded civil nuclear programme which would both give us secure energy supplies and reduce CO2 emissions, should that prove necessary.

    In his CV on the UKIP website Lord Monckton claims to have advised Lady Thatcher on science policy. Lady T has a chemistry degree for Oxford and was well informed about matters scientific so why, I wonder, should she be interested in any “advice” Lord Monckton might have given her?

    Lord Monckton also claims to have been responsible for a number of highly significant medical advances in his capacity as a director of a company apparently unknown to Companies House and which seems to have no website.

    I fear this appointment does not bode well for UKIP as a serious political party.

    David MacDonald, UKIP member

  2. The theory of Global Warming has long been shown to be utter rubbish
    I would suggest you take a look at this documentary.

  3. Christopher Monckton is a remarkable man and UKIP is very lucky to have him. His energy in taking on the climate alarmists in the US and in Australia is a measure of his commitment.

  4. Monkton is a busted flush. See:


    .... so he should be at home in UKIP. ;)

  5. I totally agree with David. I joined the party to fight the EU and not to support a futile fight as a climate change sceptic. Let us not dilute the EU message and become a vehicle for this mans ego.

  6. Geoffrey Sturdy15 June 2010 at 21:51

    I see anonymous (13/10 20:40) claims Lord Monckton is a "busted flush" by quoting that paragon of impartial scientific journalism Geoge Monboit - Suggest you and the rest of the AGW crowd keep a close eye on Solar Cycle 24 - late and a lot less active than Cycle 23 - give it five years and it will be global cooling we should worry about - see "Maunder minimum"

  7. MrYoungIndependence18 June 2010 at 22:17

    The appointment of Lord Monckton as deputy leader was a good decision, and one that will help the party in future elections. If he co-operates with Lord Pearson in the right way, he can help UKIP to win seats in Westminster.

  8. @Geoffrey Sturdy You obviously didn't follow the abraham link, as it completely exposes the deceptions Mr Monckton uses peddle his lies.

    It really is quite thorough and irrefutable.