Saturday, 15 May 2010

What can one say?

It is, perhaps, too early to pass comment on the new coalition government led by David Cameron with Nick Clegg as his Deputy. After all, one does not exactly know how long it will last. The two parties disagree on most policies and political matters though, despite past Conservative claims, the difference in their attitudes to Britain's membership of the European Union and futher integration is not very great. In fact, it hardly exists. After all, both parties had promised a referendum on the Constitution for Europe and then reneged when the Constitution was renamed the Lisbon Treaty.

It is worth recalling that David Cameron even while he was Leader of Opposition ruled out the idea of any referendums on the European Union and Britain's membership of it for the next five years. The Liberal-Democrats announce from time to time that they would like an in or out referendum but not one on the Lisbon Treaty, which indicates a certain lack of seriousness in their attitude.

The Conservatives promised in their manifesto (though there has not been much of talk of it recently) that there would be legislation to ensure a referendum before there is any major handing over of power to Brussels. This means, in effect, no referendum since most power seeps over under already existing treaties and agreements, which the Prime Minister has no intention of renegotiating.

In other words, a Conservative majority would have been a disaster for the country as all ideas of a referendum would have been abandoned for the foreseeable future. UKIP was right to fight for a hung Parliament.


  1. "German fury at paying for Greek extravagence is turning into anger against the European Union, the euro, and Angela Merkel,writes Andrew Gilligan in Westphalia".
    The Telegraph

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  3. I voted UKIP this election for a hung parliament. I had been debating whether or not it would have been better to get a strong Conservative majority, but I'm already glad the Tories didn't manage it - it would have been a disaster.
    Their sudden love affair with the Liberal Democrats is pretty sickening as well, and just further proof that they'll do anything to get into government. Just a pity UKIP didn't take more seats from them.

  4. Any referendum regarding Europe is just another false promise from those who have no intention of delivering. The main three parties are either powerless or cowardly in their strength to represent our nation and its interests as an independent unit. Haveing read the Lisbon Treaty, we are simply going through a period of adaption and annexation, unable to retreat from its bindings because of the spinless inactions of those who claim lead us. We're going to lose the lot arn't we, in time.
    As the English are one of the hated people on the planet, what chance have we.

  5. I believe the only reason any MP supports the unelected EU is because of the possibility of him/her getting on the gravy train, as did the Kinnocks on mass. Why are they not allowing the population of certain countries including our own to have a referendum, because they know what the result will be, so they are dragging their feet and waiting until there are enough immigrants from the rest of the EU in our country and then hoping for a yes vote. They are trying to do what Gordon Brown attempted to do and will with any luck come unstuck in the same way

  6. Its political correctness,the EU and it's human rights act..Okay - Cameron, you've got the majority, what are you going to do about this ludicrous situation?
    Daily Mail

  7. Whilst leaving the EC would save us a huge amount of money, further huge savings would be made if we did not have so many ways of collecting tax from the same people. Car tax could be abolished and replaced by a small increase in petrol tax. Replacing the tax disk with disks for insurance, and MOT certificates would make savings in police time. National Insurance contributions and the TV licence could be collected by income tax. The above changes would not affect the total tax paid.