Monday, 15 February 2010

First Post

A great deal of modern politics is on the internet and the blogosphere. This development started in the United States, where blogs are an overwhelmingly important part of the political scene, regularly scooping main-stream media outlets and organizing the growing Tea-Party Movement. Though we have not reached that stage in Britain, it has become impossible to run a political campaign or to have a political existence without blogs or websites.

This is the blogsite of Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Leader of UKIP and working peer in the House of Lords; it will be following his activities in those and other areas of political life. As we approach the election campaign, postings on this blog will, naturally, become more frequent and more concerned with matters that pertain to it. Until then there will be postings about the House of Lords, the planned visit of Geert Wilders and other issues as they arise.

Comments are open to all on the blog and will not be monitored at first. However, readers are encouraged not to post too many Anonymous comments. Invent a name if you would rather not give your own; even invented names create responsibility and make discussion easier.

There will be certain rules about comments. Debates and discussions, however heated, will be encouraged; personal attacks and name-calling, on the other hand, will not be allowed. They will be removed ruthlessly and repeat offenders will be banned. The same applies to open racism and any number of phobias: it is discussion we want not streams of abuse. Naturally enough, libel cannot be permitted. The law on the question of libel on blogs is not very clear and it would be preferable for this blog not to be the test case.

So, with those provisos, please read, comment, disseminate.


  1. No comments yet?

    Suspicions confirmed.

    I am supporting UKIP. They are the only party with any agenda that interests me.

    People vote for people though. Nobody is going to vote for someone without a name. And my "straw" poll tells me that out of 100 people, none of them actually know who the leader of UKIP is, nor what the party stands for.

    Come on, please.

  2. I'm with Uncle Marvo on this.

    The GE could (theoretically) be only a matter of days away. Time is of the essence.

    I too support UKIP but we need to see you, Lord P, on the tellybox a lot more. People need to hear your message of hope.

    Let me know what I can do to help.


  3. I suggest you add name/email to the list for 'Comment as'. I presume that you keep the email confidential but it does give you some control

  4. Some things are more important than others.
    0. Withraw from the EU.
    1. Bonfire of rubbish laws passed by labour.
    2. Close down all government functions that can be provoded by the private sector governed only by the law.
    3. Lower tax to cover costs but not reduce the debt in the first Parliament.
    4. Simplify tax to Sales Tax and Income Tax.
    5. Reinstate the British Constitution as it was before 1997 with amendment by referendum only.
    6. Withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. Fight terrorists directly.

  5. Why does UKIP do well in the European elections but not at council or nationwide elections?

    Is it because UKIP is known as merely an anti-EU party?

    Do people at a general election want an anti-EU party or a pro-British party?

    British people want a party that will deal with all the issues affecting Britain. What we need is a real pro-British party. British Independence Party? Wouldn't that make more sense?

    Nasty fascist BNP will win one or two MPs, but UKIP will win none. Why? Because UKIP is not a pro-British party, it uses ugly yellow and purple colours. What about the union jack, its colours are beautiful! We need to see the pride of Victory in Europe Day not a purple and yellow embarrassment.

    "A small change in form may reap great rewards" - Leonardo da Vinci

  6. Let Farage lead UKIP as a party that only fights European Elections and fights the European Parliament. Then make a sibling pro-British party to fight elections here in the UK with Lord Pearson as leader. To win national elections here in Britain, only a "British" party can destroy the Conservative and Labour parties. A "UK" party or an "anti-EU" party won't do the job! pro-British or no MPs! Look at the highly successful Swiss People's Party. British People's Party would do the job right? That's what we need!

  7. I will be to young to vote next election, however I wish UKIP all the best, and that I would be voting them if I could. When people ask me why I support UKIP I tell them its the only party that puts 'U' first, and 'UK' before party.

  8. Where do we find a list of candidates and the constituencies they are to stand for?

    Why can't we sign in as per The Telegraph blogs, or similar, with a name etc; instead of having to be anon?

    How many candidates are standing?

    When is UKIP going to get more in the public realm and start leading the arguments?

    I agree with some of the above, we need a British Party and definitely a change of colours, red, white and blue would be good.