Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Questions will be asked

Looking ahead at the House of Lords Future Business [you really do have to scroll down], it is worth noting that there will be two Starred Questions (or as they are called nowadays officially but by nobody real, Oral Questions) by UKIP peers.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch will be asking HMG on March 15:
whether Article 122.2 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union can be used to require them to provide financial assistance to another member state which is “threatened with severe difficulties caused by exceptional circumstances beyond its control.”
This will be particularly apposite as ECOFIN is due to meet on the following day, March 16, to make a decision about Greece. As special punishment, Greece will not be allowed to vote at the meeting. Whether the discussions do go to the vote is, of course, a moot point and one we might never know the answer to.

In the House of Lords, though, on March 16, Lord Willoughby de Broke will be asking HMG:
how they will replace the energy capacity of the nine oil and coal-fired power stations which are due to close in 2015 under the European Union Large Combustion Plant Directive.
The answer should be very instructive.


  1. In the meantime, I was with two people last night. One has a good degree in American History and Politics. One runs his own business and is one of the cleverest men I know.

    Both knew that Nigel was no longer leader of UKIP.

    Neither knew who is now, nor what their agenda is.

    They remember "Kilroy was here". That is all.

  2. Have they managed to miss all the interviews with Lord Pearson and all his media appearances? How did that happen?

  3. Dave's lead is plummeting, so now would be a good time to remind the voters what his cast-iron pledges are worth. Keep up the good work!

  4. Uncle Marvo the ToryCon's tool of the day
    How are you doing in the poll's hehehe...
    AND before you say im a ukip tool im not
    im just a man who think's of county before party and WILL vote for a party that will get uk out off the EUSSR
    i said before and will say it once more
    "NO referendum = NO vote tory "
    The EU will never have the heart's and mind's of the uk poeple and will FAIL

  5. Talking of questions Lord P, why is there no Biteback booklet "Why Vote UKIP"? http://iaindale.blogspot.com/

    Scroll down to Why Vote?

    I think you need to do a little stirring in UKIP HQ.

  6. A pamphlet on Why Vote UKIP has been written by Gawain Towler, the party's media officer. It will be published soon.

  7. Good to see a web site up and running. I am standing for UKIP in Cities of London & Westminster (thankyou Lord Pearson for forwarding letter on) and feel that the internet can be used to our advantage in the coming election.

  8. @ Admin

    Aye, but not soon enough it would seem.

  9. Complain to the publishers. They have the text.

    Paul, glad to see that you have a blog up as well. As the first Leader's Letter said, PPCs should be running their own blogs and making their presence felt on the internet.

  10. @ Admin

    A bit lame that. Surely it is up to you to complain to the publisher if your booklet is not out on time.

    Dale's post suggests that what was received was not of publishable quality. Not having seen it I'm in no position to comment.

    What I can comment on is the fact that UKIP seems to have missed the boat with this series, & I can also comment that "Complain to the publishers etc" is neither a defence nor an explanation. If UKIP is to get its message across it must, erm, get its message across.

    Oh, and not dismiss its supporters with "Complain to the publishers".

  11. The booklet is, in fact, by Gawain Towler with whom this will be discussed. In the meantime, we can all hope that people who are supporters of UKIP also spread the word far and wide.

  12. why does ukip remain silent over the so-called "positive discrimination" policies of this labour mob? the idea that the indigenous population of britain, (the male portion at least) is being put to the back of the line in every area of public life, in favour of third world migrant communities, whom the british people in the main, never wanted immigrating to britain in the first place, is a scandal, and except for the bnp, nobody talks about it. why? i'm not saying that these immigrant communities don't have a right to succeed in life, but do they have a right to do so off the backs of the native british?

  13. Heads up on the Dale book.

    I have to admit to a mea culpa in that yes I was supposed to have completed it. And did not in the time frame required.

    There is no point in going to Iain Dale or anybody else complaining about this. If there are complaints to be made then they should be made to me.

    I apologise, but at this point I, and Iain can do no more.

    Gawain Towler

  14. Very handsomely put, Mr Towler. It is to be hoped that, regardless of what people think, there will be no more recriminations. UKIP has a lot of work to do and, while debates and discussions are very healthy, personal recriminations are not.