Wednesday, 24 February 2010

What it really means

At today's launch of UKIP's climate change policies by Lord Monckton - video should be up on the UKIP site tomorrow and there will be a more detailed blog posting - Lord Pearson explained that when he said that climate change was "crap", as quoted inter alia by Michael White in the Guardian yesterday, he did not merely express a lavatorial opinion.

It is, he explained, an American acronym: Carbon Really Ain't Pollution. Easy when you know it. Though, of course, a lot of it is c**p as well.


  1. >>It is, he explained, an American acronym: Carbon Really Ain't Pollution. Easy when you know it. Though, of course, a lot of it is c**p as well.

    Well quite!

    Looking forward to the video.

    UKIP, you must push your climate change policy as hard as possible. If you haven't already please try & reach out to leading sceptic bloggers such as Watts Up With That & Bishop Hill. These sites have a huge readership & have done so much to expose the dishonesty of the IPCC & the UK Govt over this chimera. They would no doubt be happy to publicise UKIP's views on this matter & the more publicity we can get on the web the better.

  2. I am absolutley gobsmacked by Mr Nigel Farage's marvellous tirade against Herman Wossname.

    I demand that Mr Farage should be made King of the World immediately and that anyone who now fails to vote for UKIP should be consigned to a lunatic asylum.


    That's what I'm talking about.

    I take back without reservation anything negative I might have said about UKIP on this blog or anywhere else in the past. I am big enough to apologise when I've been wrong.

  3. Veering off topic, I certainly hope that Lord Pearson will provide some form of rebuke to Nigel Farage for his unparliamentary conduct to the new Belgian EU President.

    The official response of UKIP that Nigel Farage was 'rude but he wasn't unparliamentary' just insults electors intelligence just as David Cameron does trying to pass off his leadership as 'conservative'.

    Cameron's 'women only shortlists' was the final nail in the coffin of being able to vote for what still calls itself the Conservative Party, but after Farage's appalling display of saloon bar boorishness I am now a lot less inclined to support UKIP. Farage's conduct was simply un-British. A disgrace to Party and Country.

    Graeme Thompson

  4. Graeme, kindly grow a pair & stop being such a big girl's blouse. What Mr Farage said was no more & no less a part of the normal rough & tumble of Parliamentary discourse, unremarkable to both politicians & public, the latter of whom are naturally delighted to hear a would be election candidate calling out a grey apparatchik for what he is. It's neither 'appalling' nor 'saloon bar boorishness.' But the EU enforcing its rules on us, taking billions of our money & giving us next to nothing in return, now THAT is APPALLING.

  5. Great video! UKIP's video appears to be bust, but I've hosted the video on my blog.

    Nigel has stirred up a hornet's nest! The MSM couldn't exactly ignore his attack on von Rompuy!

    I thought he had gone OTT, but if he plays the publicity right, he could change the fortunes of UKIP.

    Careful management!

  6. June 1978. House of Commons. Labour Chancellor Denis Healey describes being attacked by Geoffrey Howe (at the time the Conservative shadow Chancellor) as "like being savaged by a dead sheep".

    Result: Much mirth. No censure of Healey. No outrage.

    February 2010. European Parliament. Nigel Farage says Herman Van Rompuy has "the charisma of a damp rag".

    Result: Censure. Much outrage at this un-British rudeness.

    So, logically, being compared to a dead sheep is OK, but being compared to a damp rag is not. Clearly, for the media, it all comes down to who is making the comment.

    Those who complain should take a long hard look at their motivations.

    All I can say is "Well done, Nigel!" An excellent demonstration of politics in action!
    You got the publicity and you made a point to which most rational people should concur.


  7. I agree with the caution being offered by Lord Pearson. Unfortunately those in Government already committed to their position will do their best to trash those who offer an alternative view as negative. I say those of us with the same view as Lord Pearson can propose positive suggestions, one of which I offer in the text below.

    Politicians discuss Global warming and CO2 emissions in the same breath, and yet it would be wiser and more honest to see it as two totally separate issues.

    Politicians are busy increasing stealth taxes for green energy as the only solution. I believe they will not succeed to show the slightest significant difference in global temperatures. We cannot, and should not fight the march of nature by automatically reducing CO2 emissions. Spending all our resources and time trying (in vain) to stop nature in its tracks and waiting around to witness the results, will be too late. There will be less time and financial resources to offer any policy to effectively protect the world populations, if the world does become naturally warmer.

    Instead of wasting money on wind farms and the farcical CO2 credits. Each Government should spend their billions on preparations necessary to defend those areas of their Country which could be effectively saved from these forces of nature.
    John Payne

  8. Judging by the responses in all the comments columns and a certain Belgium pizza parlor Nigel's remarks have lifted the spirits of a good many people. Even the yanks are smiling.
    Most of the naysayers wouldn't last 2 minutes in an Aussie parliamentary debate/fracas.
    There has been more condemnation in UKIP and on its member site than anywhere else I've looked.

  9. Yes, I totally agree. School children SHOULD be allowed to carry knives.

  10. That last comment seems completely irrelevant to any of the previous discussion. Anything of that kind, especially if posted anonymously will be deleted in future.

  11. Having read many blog comments over the past months, and being an ex-Tory voter myself, I must emphasize that the twin evils of the EU superstate and the global warming hoax should carry equal prominence in your election campaigning. Of course, it could be argued that there is a distinct correlation between the two! However, the point I would like to make is that there are a considerable number of traditional Conservative voters who, this time round, are having a crisis of conscience. Why? Well, take Cameron's speech in Brighton today, for example. He hardly mentioned these two burning issues, and yet, judging by what I have read – and my own instincts – they are uppermost in the minds of many traditional Tories.

    I would sincerely like to see some high-profile figures support UKIP's cause. That would really help draw attention.

    Incidentally, I would like to emphasize that, whilst I am a sceptic on the global warming issue, I am nevertheless a keen supporter of REAL environmental issues (many of which have been shamefully sidelined by the antics of Al Gore and others). As such, I would associate myself closely with views of Professor David Bellamy..., I wonder if he would support UKIP?

    Keep up the good work!