Friday, 19 March 2010

Leader's speech winds up conference

This was an important conference for UKIP as the next election campaign is going to be very big. UKIP is in a position to play an important part and, possibly forcing a hung Parliament. Contrary to what some politicians (such as Ken Clarke) say, that would not be a disaster. The real disaster would be one of the main parties winning with a big enough majority to last five years in office.

Lord Pearson ended the conference with a highly successful speech that tackled the main issues: how to deal with criticisms of UKIP and the sort of questions candidates are likely to hear while canvassing. The full text of the speech is here.

There was a good media attendance. UKIP is now part of the main news cycle. Sky showed the speech in full; the BBC showed excerpts; there are reports in all the main newspapers and on the main media outlets. UKIP and what it says can no longer be ignored.

Tomorrow Financial Times will carry a long interview (one of their Lunch with ... series) with Lord Pearson of Ranoch. It follows his career in business and in politics. There is little point in quoting excerpts. Read the whole thing. A word of warning, however. The cartoon attached to the article is terrible.


  1. It was an excellent, courageous speech, which will resonate with voters, especially since this time, they'ver been permitted to see and read it.

    It has the BNP frothing at the mouth, though, if the commentors on my blog are anything to go by. :) Good. That means we'll be nicking some of their supporters.

    Might I suggest that you put links to UKIP's manifesto and policies on your sidebar? And perhaps links to UKIP's stash of videos?

  2. At last a party that truly represents the interest of the country and whose policies are nothing short of common sense.

    But have they got a wide enough field of candidates to even make a dent on the mainsteam useless pro EU anti British parties IslamicLabour Party and letsnottalkaboutanythingnewTory Party