Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Some useful media links

In case readers missed some of Lord Pearson's appearance in the media, here is a run-down: on March 19 Lord Pearson was interviewed on the Today Programme. He argued that recent figures produced by the Taxpayers' Alliance confirmed that Britain must pull out of the European Union and stop handing over billions of pounds every year, especially when the country's deficit is so large. (Here is, I hope, a link to the MP3 file. Could somebody let me know whether it works or not.)

On Saturday, March 20 Week in Westminster broadcast a debate between Lord Pearson and David Heathcoat-Amory, one of the Eurosceptic Tories, who has argued the case against the Constitution for Europe and the Lisbon Treaty with great clarity and passion but, sadly, cannot quite follow through the logic of his position. Perhaps, one day he will. (Here is a similar attempt to link the MP3 file.)

This was shown on the Daily Politics Show on Friday as well.


  1. The mp3s do not work.

  2. If you want to embed MP3 files into a post go Here and embed the code into your post. First you will need to open a Fileden account and upload the MP3 file there so they can host it, then copy the "direct link" code into the embedded player where it says "url=[MP3 file address]" kill the brackets. Play around with it till you get it sorted.