Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Eastern Region

Lord Pearson will be visiting Suffolk tomorrow, April 22. He will be meeting with fishermen of West Mersea at 10 o'clock in the Boat Park, opposite the Victory Pub, West Mersea fishing port. The Common Fisheries Policy is one of the truly disastrous aspects of the European Union from economic, political and ecological points of view.

This is a good time to remind everyone that the Conservative Party did, finally, adopt a sensible fishing policy under Michael Howard that not only assumed a withdrawal from the CFP but went further and outlined various possible plans for the development of fisheries in Britain. The first thing David Cameron did on becoming leader was to ditch the policy. This was not very well known at the time and the excuse is frequently brought out that Cameron had to get rid of the "swivel-eyed europhobic image" of the party. Not that anyone outside the BBC ever noticed that. The point about the CFP is that withdrawing from it would have been popular with many people for many different reasons. The only opponents would have been the europhiliacs and eurocrats. Mr Cameron chose not to challenge them.

At 12 o'clock Lord Pearson will be talking to demonstrators outside 100 Hadleigh High Street (corner of Pound Lane and High Street).


  1. Dear Malcolm

    Can somebody gag Welsh MEP John Bufton who has badly missed the point about the serious Policy issue of the proposed St George's Day Holiday?

    Apart from the long-term attack on British Identity, there is a specific question of loss of English Identity and Self-Esteem, which is addressed in the above Policy. No such problem exists in Wales or Scotland, but by being improperly prepared and obsessed with Wales and his Welshness, Mr Bufton has undermined the Point being made.

    Further, Mr Bufton has already fallen into the classic Politician mode of giving away Sweeties at someone else's Expense: in this case, extra Holidays paid for by the Business Community.

    Personally I would go for a Great Britain Day on May 1st to replace the increasingly anachronistic Workers' Day. Other sensible UKIP Policies will be more than adequate to nurture English, Welsh and Scottish Identity.

    Paul Tate (Swansea)

  2. ST GEORGE'S Day should be an occasion for patriotic celebration.

    But for those of us who love this land, today has the tone of a funeral wake.

    The England that we cherished has disappeared. We can only raise our glasses to the memory of a once great country whose spirit has been broken by her own rulers, its fabric torn apart by social revolution.
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  3. West Mersea is in Essex, not Suffolk! Hadleigh is, however, in Suffolk.

  4. The UKIP Sheffield website isn't working - not good timing for election!