Thursday, 1 April 2010

Other countries are moving towards that ban

The news from Belgium is that the parliamentary Interior Affairs Committee has unanimously endorsed a Bill that would outlaw the wearing of burqua or the niquab or any other veil in public places. This will now go to a full parliamentary debate before the end of April.

New Europe reports that the European Commission has reacted cautiously both to this and to the continuing discussions in France:
A Commission spokesperson said that they were concerned at the move, but initially it was a matter for member states, but they would be watching the issue and examining any bill put before the Belgian lawmakers very closely as it may fall foul of EU anti-discrimination policy.
The same article also quotes Lord Pearson on the subject as saying:
It is good to see that the French and the Belgians are moving in our direction on this important issue.
One has to overlook the routine reference to UKIP as being extreme right-wing. A media outlet like New Europe is unlikely to understand that those political definitions long ago outlived their usefulness.


  1. The three main political party's will take no notice of the overwhelming opinion of the British public,they bend over backwards to appear self righteous yet they have failed the public in what they want. Walk about in a balaclava ,or a white pointed white hat and see how long it will be before you finish up at court.Walk about in a burqua no one dare say anything for being branded racist. Even though we are on terrorist alert security is overridden by politically correctness......don't forget one of them escaped wearing a burqua, the Belgium's have the right idea and not afraid to say it as they see it. With the exception of UKIP our politicians don't have the guts to ban the burqua.

  2. OT here but I would urge every UKIP member or supporter to read the article linked to below. It is an appalling situation that reminds one of the contempt with which members of the armed forces are held by the main parties. If that sounds harsh read the story & ask yourself why this situation - which is easily solvable - has been left unattended to for so long? And then try to avoid the conclusion that the reason is because the last thing this Govt wants is to give the vote to people whom it probably quite correctly suspects simply loathe the Labour party. This same Government is however quite happy for these lads to risk injury & death for their policies. UKIP should be raising merry hell about this. There is no question that there would be overwhelming public support if the issue were more widely brought to their attention.

  3. I am not sure it is a wise policy to legislate a ban since it would be difficult not to include the Sikh Kris and/or turban and the Christian cross if it was on religious grounds, whereas on recognition grounds the hoody and Ladies Day hats would have to be included.
    Ultimately it must be the girl's choice, and I dare say many, less confident of their looks, find it a comfort.
    It seems as wrong to me to force a girl who wishes to wear one, not to do so, as it is to force a girl who wishes not to, so to do.
    We must remember that the fundamentalists are antagonizing us to get us to antagonize the vast majority of lethargic muslims, we are just a tool and must not over-react

  4. Common sense at last ! It's about time the British government took the same stance. Who knows what or who is under that sack - it is a sure way for terrorists to cause mayhem and destruction in our country. Ban it everywhere in public and if the people who want to wear it are offended, then they can go and live in a muslim country where it is accepted.

  5. My Lord

    Once you accept one thing being banned, the door is open to ban anything else.

    Further the Belgian legislation bans face coverings, not just the burqua, though everyone is happy to equate it exclusively with a burqua ban.

    Perhaps this is more about not covering your face in a public place, thereby allowing facial recognition cameras to identify you.

    Whatever controls over the public are enacted in one EU country invariably form the basis for 'harmonised' rollout across the whole EU at a later date.

    This is our future: no privacy, anywhere. The livestock of the EU shall be constrained to be available for inspection by their manherders at any time and any place. Even in toilets, even down to their birthday suits.