Friday, 16 April 2010

Kent campaign launched

As Kent Online reports, Lord Pearson launched UKIP's campaign in Kent yesterday (and an admission is needed: there were gremlins at work when the Dover day was being reported on this blog), emphasising two issues, the economy and immigration. Neither of them can be solved while Britain remains in the EU because no member of the EU can be in control of either.

The journalist who reported the launch seems to have been thrilled to bits when he discovered that Lord Pearson made "a minor blunder" by not knowing that UKIP was supporting Boris Johnson's airport scheme for the Thames Estuary. As Lord Pearson admitted to not knowing it and as party leaders frequently forget details of policy, this seems to be a very minor problem.

A far bigger criticism is raised by Channel 4's so-called FactCheck blog about "the majority of Britain's national legislation coming from Brussels". Its author, Cathy Newman, seems to think it ironic that UKIP should be referring back to a statement by a former German President, which just shows that she cannot understand the difference between opposition to the EU and dislike for foreigners.

Ms Newman's arguments and various contradictory references prove the difficulty of calculating percentages of legislation. However, she seems unaware of the importance of the directly applicable EU Regulations, which she mentions only in passing, and the amount of legislation they produce. Her final verdict is that UKIP is probably wrong but nobody seems to know the answer.


  1. The number of reasons not to vote Tory are equalled by those to not vote Labour which are mainly similar but with added costs should you vote Liberal. In my opinion :- The concept of an "Opposition" Party seems to have become lost in the wishy-washy mindsets of both the Cameron, Brown and Clegg camps. Voting for any of the three is less useful than staying at home and not voting. UKIP is committed to regaining our Sovereignty from that behemoth EU state - to which we have up to present been sold into financial and political slavery by a succession of traitrous Conservative and Labour "leaders". We have very little time remaining before the final and irrevocable steps are taken to bind our country to this corrupt and unelected monstrosity. My vote goes to UKIP - as should the votes of all "True Brits". Unless and until we are again governed by our own elected government - all other political "promises" are meaningless and at best only "subject to Brussels' agreement !" Wake UP !! Vote UKIP.

  2. "Wake UP !! Vote UKIP."

    I would if I could!! Indeed, I am DESPERATE to vote UKIP, but...

    ...there's no UKIP candidate in Hendon! Apparently, a candidate has not yet "been finalised" according to the main website.

    Sadly, I have a feeling I'll end up staying at home on polling day. To be honest, I feel rather downcast about the prospect.

  3. Can we please have a provisional wing of UKIP.
    I am within an ace of spray-canning "SOD THE LOT" on every smarmy face of Browcleggeron I see.

  4. This blog will have to disown you, SandyRham, at least officially. ;-)

  5. I have voted UKIP without hesitation at every opportunity since its formation.

    But, for the first time ever, I have reconsidered my vote. I am shocked & deeply disturbed by your recent widely reported poster. My only consolation is the comment of the UKIP candidate for (I think) Gloucester, criticising it.

    I hope you will utterly disown any such behaviour.

    I am not the only committed UKIP voter to feel this way. Beware lest your quest for votes should actually end up losing them!

    John L Birkin
    S Wales

  6. >>But, for the first time ever, I have reconsidered my vote. I am shocked & deeply disturbed by your recent widely reported poster.

    Actually I'm sure you're just another pathetic troll & not in the least bit 'shocked & deeply disturbed' by UKIP's popular election poster. Said poster, incidentally, which perfectly sums up the utter contempt with which the electorate regard the Lib-Lab-Con. Go on, 'fess up now, which one are you a member of, Johnny-boy?

  7. Having only recently become very interested in the UKIP and finding that their policies on Europe, Immigration, the economy, crime etc were far, far closer to my own views than any of the 'mainstream' big 3 I was all ready to bite the bullet and actually join the party and become a fully fledged member - something that, in nearly 50 years, I have never considered before for any political party. Then I find that, in my constituency, Rochester and Strood, the UKIP candidate has withdrawn in favour of the Conservative candidate. I don't understand this - am I expected to vote for the Conservatives when I disagree with so many of their policies?

  8. It is UKIP's policy to help get candidates who can be relied to be genuinely against the EU into the Commons. That is the reason behind UKIP candidates withdrawing in some constituencies. People are then encouraged either to campaign for the eurosceptic candidate who is likely to win or for a UKIP candidate in a neighbouring constituency. The party still needs members and activists, regardless of what happens in a particular constituency.

  9. But surely, regardless of his own personal views on the matter, he will be a part of a Conservative party the leader of whom has stated that he wishes to remain in Europe and who has already back-tracked on the idea of allowing the British people to decide for themdelves. David Cameron et al will look upon every vote for the Conservative party as a mandate to enforce these views. Mark Reckless will not be able to stop that.