Monday, 12 April 2010

UKIP General Election campaign is to be launched tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 13 UKIP will be launching its General Election campaign at the Atrium on Millbank, SW1P 3JA at 9 am.

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, UKIP Party Leader, will talk about UKIP’s decision not to field candidates against a number of sitting Eurosceptic MPs and candidates, both Labour and Tory...breaking with the tired, old traditions of British politics.

David Campbell Bannerman will give a brief run-through the manifesto and Paul Nuttall, Party Chairman, will introduce the new poster campaign.

The following day Lord Pearson will be in Buckingham to launch, together with Christopher Booker, Nigel Farage's campaign there.


  1. Don't know where else to put this But will UKIP
    bring the troops home where they belong and stop them fighting a war that was to line tony blair's pockets. The country should not have gone to war in the first place and the ones that survive are the ones suffering.

  2. Good Luck Lord Pearson with the launch of UKIP's Election Campaign.
    Like thousands of other British folk, I firmly beleive and support Britains withdrawal from the European Union, knowing the very dark dangers that will encompass us all if Britain is not able to break from the EU. Nevertheless it must not be forgotten that Gornson Brown and indeed our Queen signed the 6th and last Treaty on January 1st 2009, which makes no provision for an election to our Parliament- so what is this election about? One might ask.
    Estimate that 20 million people would not vote Labour, they want a complete overhaul of the present Parliamentary system and most want us out of Europe, but UKIP must push to expose itself throughout the UK. The Press and Media must be made to allow all political parties a fair share of public exposure, not just the main three parties, which seems to be the case at present- its an EU directive to re-establish Labour if possible.
    Good Luck.