Friday, 9 April 2010

More campaign news

Lord Pearson will be present at the launch of both the UKIP campaign in Wales and in the South-West.

On Wednesday, April 14 there will by a meeting in the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, Ferry Road, Grangetown, Cardiff CF11 OJL at 10.30 am. Speakers will be: Warwick Nicholson, John Bufton MEP and Lord Pearson.

On the same day there will be a meeting at 1.45 pm at the Marriott Royal Hotel, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TA. Speakers will be: William Dartmouth MEP, Trevor Coleman MEP and Lord Pearson.


  1. I have voted Conservative for nearly 50 years. I will now vote for the party that gives prominence to the aims of controlling our shores and immigration, improving our education and health serice, make our streets safe to walk, builds more prisons and puts offenders into them for an appropriate time, taxes us fairly,maintains our sovereignty, and gets us out of the EU. Need I go on ! All I hear from Mr Cameron is jolly nice incomprehencible Blair speak, but nothing to address the issues the Conservative party should stand for. UKIP address the issues, Cameron does not. I will vote UKIP.

  2. Here's the boss talking to Andrew Neil. What a breath of fresh air!

  3. Appalled at the lack of consistency of Pearson's policies as just espoused on the bbc. Embarassing really.

  4. Some very anachronistic and outdated data on Europe and British politics! Would it were that we were living in a world where Britain was a superpwer as in days of old, but unfortunately, your out of date view of the world threatens our British interests - a little more strategic approach to our economic incentives than the fisher price economics you pedal would be welcome, please.

  5. didn't seem to publish my last round of comments - too much?

  6. 1. Comments on this blog are not moderated at the moment. There has been no need for it so far. Therefore, they go up as they are posted. If there is a technical hitch, the best thing to do is to publish them again.

    2. There are no hard and fast rules but signed comments would be preferable.

    3. Going from that, it is scarcely worth boasting about being courageous or controversial if you hide behind Anonymous.