Sunday, 11 April 2010

Yet more campaign news

Kent News reports that on Thursday, April 15, Lord Pearson will be in Dover in order
to meet the party’s Kent candidates and outline his concerns about the possible sale of Dover port.

The UKIP leader will also meet local business-leaders at Dover Town Hall and representatives from Dover College.

He will then take a boat trip around Dover port to see the facilities that have been earmarked as a possible source of revenue to finance some of the national debt.
This should be of interest to anyone in Kent who is interested in UKIP's electoral advance.


  1. OT, but I have just seen a preview on Tory blogger Iain Dale's site of what appears to be UKIP's new election poster. If it is the genuine article then I think it epitomises what the whole country is thinking & whoever came up with it should award themselves a pat on the back. I suspect it will make a big impact. Even Dale himself seems impressed.

  2. A smart move on Lord P's part.

    It's right after the Climate Change summit in Bonn, though (9 - 11 April), so I hope he's not eclipsed.

    Will anyone independent be filming his Kent trip, just in case the BBC ignore it?